Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EP Review: The Next Thing

Title:  The Next Thing (BandCamp)

Dead End Story’s sophomore release, The Next Thing, is a five-song EP that shows the band refining their sound.  The opening track “Better Days” is a catchy street punk number that is reminiscent of The Ducky Boys’ early material.  “Serenity” kicks off with a solid riff before heading into a mid-tempo street punk anthem.  “Hey Old Friend” returns to the more melodic hardcore feel of the band’s self-titled debut while “So Called Home” starts with a melodic post hardcore intro before moving to a street punk verse followed by a chorus that mixes both styles.  The EP closed with the title track, which opens with a fantastic guitar riff.  This song is also the one on the EP with the most overtly pop sound to it and is subsequently the best song of the batch. 

The Next Thing displays a band with a lot of potential and energy that is in the process of finding their voice.  What I really like about this EP is how it mixes styles and sub-genres (often in the same song); the result is a sound that is familiar while at the same time hard to pin down.  With two solid releases under their belt, Dead End Story is on their way to becoming a really great band.    

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