Wednesday, March 07, 2012

EP Review: In the Valley

Title:  In the Valley (Kind of Like Records, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Great Cynics (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,

Great Cynics return with the follow up to last’s year’s brilliant Don’t Need Much album with the three song EP In the Valley.  All three songs were previously recorded when Great Cynics was a solo, acoustic project but now have been redone with the full band and man oh man do they sound good. 

The EP opens with the infectious title track (see video below) and is followed by the equally fun and catchy “14 Coleman St.” and “You’re Alright.”  All three songs are fantastic.  These are perfectly crafted and simple power pop gems.  There’s no filler; nothing flashy or extravagant to get in the way of the melody and the hooks.  In fact my only complaint is that the EP only has three songs.  I can’t wait for the band’s next full-length record. 

Great Cynics is one of a crop of newer bands that heavily draws from late ‘80s and early ‘90s college and indie rock (along with bands like Broadcaster, Cheap Girls, and Candy Hearts).  If I was to venture a guess, I would suspect that the folks in Great Cynics grew up listening to the likes of Sebadoh, Sugar, Buffalo Tom, the Ramones, and Husker Du.  If you’ve never heard Great Cynics but are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands or The Thermals, The Breeders, Against Me!, Frank Turner, Superchunk, or Billy Bragg, then I highly suggest giving In the Valley a listen because it is one of the best things you'll hear this year.  

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