Thursday, March 22, 2012

Album Review: Whiskey Farmer

Title:  Whiskey Farmer (BandCamp, Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes)
Artist:  The James Low Western Front (Official, Facebook, MySpace, BandCamp,

The James Low Western Front is an alt country band, with a strong folk bent, from Portland, OR.  Their latest album Whiskey Farmer is a concept record that according to the band’s website

…focuses on the plight of the titular character (portrayed on the front cover of the album by Low himself), someone that has, according to Low, "always done things kind of right- did OK in school, went to a generic college, racked up a shitload of debt, and got a job to pay off the debt. He drinks to forget. He alienates the ones who love him best, and just cannot believe that this is all there is to life."

Whiskey Farmer works as a concept record, bringing together a cohesive sound and feel throughout its eight songs.  This record is so beautifully sad and desperate that you can’t help but identify with the main character.  James Low and company have perfectly expressed the mood of the nation in these bizarre times and given a voice to the depression that so many feel. 

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