Monday, March 19, 2012

Album Review: Some Nights

Title:  Some Nights (Amazon, iTunes, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

New York City’s fun. has caused quite a buzz this year; so much so that their single “We Are Young” is the number one song in the country this week.  The song has already been covered on Glee and is sure to end up being one of this year’s biggest hits.  Now often songs that are huge hits are simply terrible (“Moves Like Jagger” is a prime example), but in the case of fun.’s “We Are Young” that’s not the case.  But what’s even better is that the rest of Some Nights is just as good, if not better.  What makes Some Nights work so well is that it feels epic while sounding bombastic and theatrical.  Fun. has mixed indie pop sensibilities with hip hop flare and classic rock theatrics to create an album that lives up to the band’s name.  For example, the title track, probably my favorite song on the record, has very Queen-esque harmonies and hooks making it a song that almost challenges you to not enjoy it.  The rest of the album pretty much follows suit.  If you like the song “We Are Young” then it is pretty safe to say that you’ll probably like the rest of Some Nights.  Often a lot of the artists that I see become the next big thing on the music websites and blogs I simply don’t get (Fleet Foxes for example) but in the case of fun., the hype is actually right and deserved. 

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