Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Album Review: Latitudes and Longitudes

Title:  Latitudes and Longitudes (BandCamp, Tiny Engines, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Signals Midwest (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, MySpace,

Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Signals Midwest is a band that mixes elements of post hardcore, indie rock, and emo.  Their sophomore album Latitudes and Longitudes was released last summer.  The record consists of ten very passionate songs that really fall somewhere in-between the fractured breaks and changes of bands like At the Drive-In and the indie rock of bands like Archers of Loaf.  Latitudes and Longitudes actually reminds me a lot of Wavelets album Athaletics (read my review here).  The album's standout moments include "January & Seven," a somber ballad that really shows this band's potential as songwriters, and "Construction Paper," a catchy song that lets the hooks and melody drive the music.  The band is very tight, the production is great, and the vocals are passionate all making Latitudes and Longitudes a very well put together record.

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