Friday, February 24, 2012

EP Review: Scream It Out EP

Title:  Scream It Out EP (Facebook)
Artist:  Drop the Down (Facebook)

Drop the Down formed after member of The Apathetic started writing new, heavier songs.  Since the band gained a new member and was developing a new sound, the decided to change their name.  The Apathetic was a pop punk band in the vein of early Green Day and Emily’s Army (you can read my review of their EP Burn It Down here), while Drop the Down melds elements of metal core, screamo, and pop punk.  

The Scream It Out EP opens with a driving metal core/death metal guitar and drum onslaught and, for lack of a better term, dog barking vocals (courtesy of drummer Aaron Hayes) on “New Mistake” before transitioning to a more melodic chorus and bridge with vocals by guitarist/lead singer Dylan Frederick.  When the track first start I was ready to dismiss it outright, but when the vocals changed and the hooks come in, I liked what I heard.  Up next is the title track, a catchy emo number with a strong and infectious chorus, while still holding on to moments of double-kick-drum metal.  “This Is Not Another Love Song” is another catchy song with some really cool use of echo effects on the vocals and a rant at the end that reminds me of the final pulsing moments of the Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench.”  The EP closes with “Lets Just Forget It” which starts with a great pop punk riff before moving back to the metal chugging guitar and double-kick-drum beats (along with some more of the metal vocals of drummer Hayes).  While listening to Scream It Out the one thought that kept coming back to me was that Drop the Down sound like The All-American Rejects, if AAR had a metal drummer and guitarist (or had grown up on metal core and screamo instead of pop punk).  And while my first reaction to the opening track wasn’t all that positive, the more I listened to the EP, the more I liked it.  

Like The Apathetic, Drop the Down is a very talented young band with a lot of potential.  It will be interesting to see what these guys come up with next.    

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