Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EP Review: Health is the New Drug

Title:  Health is the New Drug (BandCamp)

Hailing from Austin, TX, The Boxing Lesson plays their own brand of psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll.  The band’s latest release, Health is the New Drug, is a two song 7 inch EP.  The EP opens with the title track, a song about the growing market of health related products that is pimped out to the masses a lot like drugs are by a crack dealer.  The song is driven by some great guitar work.  The b-side is “Better Daze,” is actually kind of hard to explain.  The song is the shorter and faster of the two, has an almost funk beat to it, and is apparently a “boxing reference to the masochistic pleasures of being punched repeatedly in the head.”     

The Boxing Lesson has been around since 2002 and will be playing this Friday, March 2nd, at The Blue Note Lounge in Oklahoma City as part of a regional tour in preparation for their performance at this year’s SXSW.  

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