Thursday, February 23, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Communication Blues” by Cheap Girls (from Giant Orange)
2.  “Better Daze” by The Boxing Lesson (from Health is the New Drug)
3.  “Western Pier” by Craig Finn (from Clear Heart Full Eyes)
4.  “New Mistake” by Drop the Down (from Scream It Out EP)
5.  “Be My Victimtine” by Energy (from I Play for Keeps)
6.  “You’re Gonna Be My Girl” by Goin’ Places (from Relationship Sneakers)
7.  “Sleep Spindles” by Indian Taker (from Tule Fog EP)
8.  “Everybody’s in Love with Somebody Who Isn’t You” by Shambles (from Shambles EP)
9.  “Getaway” by State Lines (from Hoffman Manor)
10.  “Gunshow” by Classics of Love (from Classics of Love)

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