Saturday, February 11, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Swan Song” by Archers and Arrows (from Archers and Arrows)
2.  “Up on the Moon” by Chris Wollard & the Ship of Thieves (from Chris Wollard & the Ship of Thieves)
3.  “Hey Liberty” by The Ducky Boys (from Chasing the Ghost)
4.  “Damnation” by Mike Williams (from Damnation)
5.  “From Within” by The Staggers (from One Heartbeat Away from Hell)
6.  “The Rockies” by Twenty Minutes To Vegas (from Hit It)
7.  “Arcane Effigies” by Sharks (from No Gods)
8.  “Believe in Something” by Youth Brigade (from To Sell the Truth)
9.  “Waves” by Guided By Voices (from Let’s Go Eat the Factory)
10.  “Savory” by Jawbox (from For Your Own Special Sweetheart)


Otter Limits said...
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Otter Limits said...

I like Damnation.

Dave said...

Agreed. I really like everything that Mike Williams has put out. I can't wait for his full-length!