Wednesday, February 29, 2012

20 Years Ago Today U2 Opened Zoo TV Tour

20 years ago today, U2 opened their Zoo TV Tour in a Lakeland, FL.  Lakeland is smack-dab in the middle of Tampa and Orlando in central Florida and, at the time at least, was a not very big town.  Needless to say, the fact that U2 chose Lakeland as the place to re-launch and re-invent themselves live, was a huge deal.  I was 17 and in the days and weeks leading up to the big show, my friends and I would hangout outside of the Lakeland Civic Center and listen to the band rehearse.  At the time I was also a HUGE fan of U2.  Just three years before their music had completely changed my life and finally I had the opportunity to see them perform.  Sadly that didn’t happen.  I wasn’t one of the lucky 8000 to score a ticket and didn’t have enough cash to buy a scalped one the night of the show.  I did however get a t-shirt and concert program but went home without seeing my favorite band play live.  To this day I still haven’t seen U2 live, but I’m okay with it.  I’m not willing to pay the exorbitant amount it costs to procure a ticket to one of their concerts, plus with over 20 years of build-up, there’s no way that the show wouldn’t be disappointing on some level.  I will never forget however those weeks leading up to the show and the great times I had with my friends. 

Here’s the clip from MTV News that ran reporting the opening of the tour.  I think I may actually still have this on some VHS tape somewhere (yes I totally recorded it). 

Thanks to Slicing Up Eyeballs for the find and the trip down memory lane.

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