Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eating My Words: My Apology to The Spy

Since Ferris O'Brien re-launched The Spy a few years ago, I have been fairly critical of station's playlist.  I've always applauded O'Brien and co. for what they were doing with The Spy and his tremendous support of local music, but that was often overshadowed by my criticism of the artists and songs the station played.

While online yesterday, I was looking around on The Spy's website for some contact information for a band that I had recently interviewed and noticed that they were playing John Moreland's "Small Town Boy," so I clicked the Listen Now button thingy and proceeded to listen for the rest of the time that I was on the computer.  During that time, not once did I hear a song that I thought was terrible.  Yes they played a lot of stuff that I didn't know, but they also played some cult classics from The Cult and The Soup Dragons that I loved.  While listening I was really impressed with how good the song selection was and how I had no desire to turn it off and listen to the stuff I have on my computer.  Needless to say, I will be listening a lot more often.  And while I would probably fall on the floor if I heard them play some ALL, Drag the River, or The GC5, I'm not going to base my entire opinion of the station based on if or how often they play my favorite bands.

So Ferris and co., I'd like to apologize for my criticism over the years.  You have grown into a great station and I will be listening a lot more often.  Now if I could only get The Spy in my car...


Rob Crissinger said...

Nice post. If you have a smart phone, it's easy to get The Spy in your car. Just buy an adapter that connects your phone to your car stereo, there are several options. I went with the low-cost option of a tape deck adapter to connect my iPhone. It's not pretty, but works well. Cheers!

Dave said...

Sadly, I don't have a smartphone.