Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Album Review: The Darndest Thing

Title:  The Darndest Thing (Amazon, CD Baby)

Hailing from Portland, OR, Sassparilla has been described as “indie-roots, punk-Americana, and punk-root” but what really comes to my mind when listening to their latest album The Darndest Thing is Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas.  Now I make this comparison not because Sassparilla sound like Muppets, but because they have that traditional down-by-the-river feeling to their music (and the fact that they have a washtub bass in the band doesn’t hurt either). 

The Darndest Thing is an eight song record that is dark and moves with a steady purpose.  The music is content to just be with a totally lack of urgency that adds a spark of river-soaked authenticity to it (I can’t help but visualize this band playing on a porch of a wilderness cabin).  The record’s lead single “My First Lover” is a pretty good indication of the entire album.  In fact for a band that has been described as one that hopes genres, this is a very focused album.   

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