Thursday, December 08, 2011

Top 15 Videos of the Year 2011: 15-11

Despite the fact the MTV no longer has anything to do with music on television, music videos are still an important part of promoting songs and a huge part of the music industry.  Thanks to the internet, videos have taken on a new dynamic and helped promote many smaller artists to much larger audiences.  Sadly videos are still primarily the vehicle of mainstream artists and major labels, but there have been some great ones released by underground artists on independent labels.

For this list I have stayed exclusively with videos made by the artists as “official music videos.”  Many of these videos are for songs that were ridiculously huge in 2011.  I’ve included them because: 1) the videos are great and 2) I like the songs.  This list isn’t necessarily my list of favorite songs of the year (you can see my favorite here), even though I really do love all of these songs, but instead has more to do with the package of song and video.  Since there are 15 videos in this list, I’ve decided to break this into three different posts in an attempt to not bog things down too awful much.

10-6; 5-1; Honorable Mentions 

15. “Home” by OK SWEETHEART

14. “Wessex Boy” by Frank Turner

13. “Between Planets” by Noise By Numbers

12. “Crack Whore” by The Fluffy Whites

11. “Thunder Rail” by Austin Lucas

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