Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Currently Listening

1. “No Depression” by Uncle Tupelo (from No Depression [Bonus Tracks])
2. “Seize the Moment” by Tommy Stinson (from One Man Mutiny)
3. “Sinner Inside” by Pegboy (from Earwig)
4. “Without Boundaries” by Noise By Numbers (from Yeah, Whatever…)
5. “Flip Your Wig” by Husker Du (from Flip Your Wig)
6. “Yours to Keep” by Guided By Voices (from Bee Thousand)
7. “Let Them Eat Thomas Paine” by Dillinger Four (from Versus God)
8. “Eraser” by Banner Pilot (from Heart Beats Pacific)
9. “Truce” by Armchair Martian (from Armchair Martian)
10. “Down to Nothing” by Doug McKean (from Unquiet)

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