Sunday, December 04, 2011

Currently Listening

1.  “D4=Putting the “F” Back In “Art”” by Dillinger Four (from Situationist Comedy)
2.  “Run Away” by The Gateway District (from Perfect’s Gonna Fail)
3.  “What To Do” by Pegboy (from Strong Reaction)
4.  “Seven Year Divide” by The Remedy Session (from The Remedy Session)
5.  “Thing I Call My Life” by Perfect (from Once, Twice, Three Times a Maybe)
6.  “Happy” by The Outlets (from The Outlets)
7.  “Dumb Little Band” by The Mr. T Experience (from Live Is Dead)
8.  “The Long Goodbye” by The GC5 (from Never Bet the Devil Your Head)
9.  “Everything” by Doughboys (from Crush)
10.  “A Shame” by Drag the River (from Bad at Breaking Up)

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