Friday, December 30, 2011

Broncho Featured in NPR’s The Year In Garage Rock: 5 Favorites For 2011

Norman’s Broncho’s debut album Can't Get Past the Lips was featured in NPR’s The Year In Garage Rock: 5 Favorites For 2011.  Here’s what they had to say about the record –
Perhaps the best debut album of 2011 came by way of BRONCHO, a garage-punk quartet from Norman, Okla. Frontman Ryan Lindsey is better known as the keyboardist for the Starlight Mints, but this side project has been touring the Midwest since early 2010. Can't Get Past the Lips hit stores this August, and "Try Me Out Sometime" was an instant standout. It's not a complex song, by any means, and the simplicity is fantastic because the execution is so strong. Three chords are plenty enough backdrop for Lindsey to yelp out the hooks. Watch the excellent music video, in which the band barges into unsuspecting, unlikely venues — stores, major intersections, a college classroom — and performs increasingly disastrous versions of the song before darting out. BRONCHO has never played a show outside a narrow corridor from Austin to Chicago, so coast-dwellers will have to cross their fingers for that to change soon. 
Congrats to Broncho!  I shall be picking this CD up at my next trip to Guestroom Records, that is for sure (I’m actually ashamed that I haven’t gotten it yet).  

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