Thursday, December 01, 2011

Album Review: Perfect’s Gonna Fail

Title:  Perfect’s Gonna Fail (It’s Alive Records, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  The Gateway District (BandCamp, Facebook, MySpace,

My first thought when listening to The Gateway District’s sophomore album Perfect’s Gonna Fail was wow.  This is a band that is new to me and I’m kicking myself for missing their debut album.  Perfect’s Gonna Fail is a tremendous Midwestern punk album, mixing elements of pop punk, indie rock, power pop, and post hardcore.  The vocals remind me a lot of a female version of Against Me’s Tom Gabel while the band is tight, the songs are short and catchy as bad-word.  The Gateway District includes current and former members of Dear Landlord, Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot, The Soviettes, The Salteens, and Rivethead.  If you are a fan of any one of those bands then I highly suggest checking out Perfect’s Gonna Fail.  

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