Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Religious Identity Test

For fun I took The Religious Identity Test today (see results below).  As with any of these tests, you can gleam a lot about the perspective of whoever wrote it based on the questions.  In the case of this test, it was very much a are-you-Christian-or-not type of quiz.  

The Religious Identity Test
Your Result: Somewhat humanistic, with some supernaturalism
You have a generally humanistic outlook, though you tend to be open to some ideas that would be considered supernaturalistic. Hence, you probably reject most of the dogma and creed of traditional religion, and you probably consider most organized religions outdated in today's world. You value reason, but an attachment to supernaturalism lingers in you. Describing yourself as Christian would not be accurate, as your general outlook is more humanistic than Christian.
The Religious Identity Test
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