Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Well Do You Know Pop Punk Quiz

I couldn’t resist this one – How Well Do You Know Pop Punk.  There were two questions that I had no idea about and they both pertained to The Lillingtons’ album Death by Television (which I’ve never listened to but will have to check out now).  My biggest complaint with this quiz is that there isn't a single question about either the Descendents or ALL (yet multiple questions related to Screeching Weasel).      

You are a 86% true pop punk rocker!
You definetly aren't one of those posers hanging around the malls. You probably think The Ramones are the greatest band to have ever exsisted. And your right. Kids should stop listening to what the media wants you to hear. Go out to a local cd shop and pick up some band's record that you never heard of. If you got 100%, you really know your stuff and I would hang out with you any time. Nice job, and I'll see you guys around.

How well do you know Pop Punk?
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