Friday, November 11, 2011

EP Review: Cursed

Title:  Cursed (BandCamp)
Artist:  They Stay Dead (BandCamp, Facebook, Twitter,

They Stay Dead’s sophomore EP Cursed picks up right where their self-titled debut left off with a blistering mix of melodic hardcore, pop punk, and post hardcore.  The EP opens with the incredibly catchy “Betray” (not to be confused with the Minor Threat song of the same name), which has one of the best opening riffs for a song that I’ve heard in a long time (from the first notes you know that this song is going to kill).  Next is the song “Double Barrel” which reminds me a bit of Pegboy and/or Leatherface.  The song is extremely melodic but also highlights the band’s post hardcore influences more so than the pop punk and melodic hardcore tendencies.  The EP closes out with the melodic hardcore blast of “Never Forget” which includes some excellent guitar work that would make Brian Baker proud.  

Cursed is another ball hit out of the park by They Stay Dead.  This band is so tight and talented that I eagerly await each and every new release, so hopefully they’ll get back in the studio ASAP and knock out another ass kicking EP.  My only complaint is that it is so short.  According to bassist Dave Klein, the band is going to focus on releasing an EP every few months instead of a full-length album.  While I’d love to see TSD put out a full-length album (because I know that it’d be epic) I can certainly see the band’s reasoning behind focusing on the EPs instead.  Either way, the more new TSD music that is out there, the better, so carry on gentlemen. 

For those who have yet to hear They Stay Dead, imagine taking Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Dag Nasty, and the Descendents, putting them into a blender (musically of course because otherwise would be really gross).  That smoothie of sound is essentially what you have with TSD and man-oh-man is it good.   


Otter Limits said...

looking forward to hearing it.

Dave said...

You're going to love it.