Saturday, November 12, 2011

EP Review: Burn It Down

Title:  Burn It Down (Facebook)
Artist:  The Apathetic (Facebook)

The Apathetic is a young pop punk band from Louisiana and Burn It Down is their debut EP.  The five-song EP is filled with snotty vocals and pop punk hooks and is very reminiscent of Kerplunk! era Green Day.  Lyrically the EP is filled with a lot of anger and angst but none of it comes off as insincere.  Of the five songs, “Half Empty” is the standout but “I Saw You There” and “Anxiety Thing” are also quite good.  In fact the entire EP is pretty darned good, not mind-blowing or anything staggering unique, but very solid and a great foundation for future growth.  The production isn’t the best in the world, but it doesn’t hold back the songs.  The best part of this EP is that it shows this band’s potential.  If a band this young is able to put together a group of songs that are this good, just think of how much better they will get as experience and time helps them hone their natural songwriting and performing skills.  If you are a fan of bands like Green Day, Blink 182, Screeching Weasel, and Emily’s Army then I definitely suggest giving The Apathetic’s Burn It Down a listen.  

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