Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Currently Listening

1.  “Punk Band” by Smoking Popes (from This Is Only A Test)*
2.  “Chasing Heather Crazy” by Guided By Voices (from The Best of Guided By Voices: Human Amusements at Hourly Rates)*
3.  "Glendora" by Rilo Kiley (from The Initial Friend EP)
4.  “The Boyfriend Box” by The Mr. T Experience (from Yesterday Rules)
5.  “Glory Daze” by The Nils (from Green Fields in Daylight)
6. “Wish on the Moon” by Chuck Ragan (from Covering Ground)
7.  “Scars” by The Copyrights (from North Sentinel Island)
8.  “Red Line” by Banner Pilot (from Heart Beats Pacific)
9.  “To Have and to Have Not” by Billy Bragg (from Life’s a Riot with Spy vs. Spy)
10.  “There’s a Party in the USA” by Doug McKean (from Esperanto Sessions)

*Someone should do a mash-up of these two songs.  Just click on the links, listen to the videos and you’ll see what I mean.  

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