Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Album Spotlight: It’s Spooky To Be Young

Title:  It’s Spooky To Be Young (Amazon, iTunes, AllMusic)
Artist:  Meredith Meyer (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, AllMusic)

Meredith Meyer’s 2009 sophomore album is a lush and spacey experience accentuated by her sweet and sultry vocals.  The ten-song album is a dark experience filled with moody moments that work thanks to the beautiful vocals.  Meyer’s, an Oklahoma native, relocated to Los Angeles before ending up in Brooklyn, NY where she is currently working on her latest project, Young Unknowns. 

It’s Spooky To Be Young is an extremely beautiful sounding record despite the fact that it is dark both sonically and lyrically.  The music itself is the kind of indie pop that reminds me a lot of the likes of The Sundays and Mazzy Star.  The album’s standout moment is the moving “All Those Pictures.” 

Meyer will be playing the Opolis in Norman on November 25th with Eureeka, Head Cabinets, and The Pizza Thieves.        

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