Sunday, November 27, 2011

Album Review: Osaka Ramones: Tribute to the Ramones

Title:  Osaka Ramones: Tribute to the Ramones (AmazoniTunesInterpunkAllMusic)
Artist:  Shonen Knife (OfficialFacebookMySpaceLast.fmAllMusicWikipedia)

Shonen Knife can best be described as an all-girl Japanesse trio version of the Ramones so it is extremely fitting that they put together a tribute album to the NYC legends.  It's almost hard to believe but Shonen Knife have been rocking out for 30 years.  I first heard the band when they got press for being one of the opening bands for Nirvana's In Utero tour (along with The Breeders) and I saw the video for their song "Twist Barbie."  Needless to say I loved the song and ran out and got the album Let's Knife.  Over the years I lost track of the band (though my wife did track down a lot of their records a few years ago) but when I heard that they were putting together a Ramones tribute, I had to check it out. 

Osaka Ramones sounds pretty much exactly like I thought it would--like three Japanesse girls rocking out to the Ramones.  This is a must if you are a Shonen Knife fan and something that fans of the Ramones should also check out.   

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