Thursday, November 24, 2011

Album Review: North Sentinel Island

Title:  North Sentinel Island (AmazoniTunesInterpunk)
Artist:  The Copyrights (BandCamp, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

The Copyrights are one of the best pop punk bands going today.  Often labeled "Ramonescore," The Copyrights play a style of pop punk that obviously takes a lot from the NYC legends but they are far from a rip-off act.  In fact listening to their records I hear more Sinkhole and The Methadones than I do the Ramones or Screeching Weasel.  On top of that, this band is consistently good and that trend has continued with their latest release. 

North Sentinel Island is a blast of Midwestern pop punk brilliance that can easily stand up against anything produced by Screeching Weasel, Dillinger Four, or Alkaline Trio.  And like those later two bands, The Copyrights make their melodies and hooks sound fresh and unique.  What surprises me most about this record is that it isn't huge and the fact that some larger label hasn't scooped these guys up.  This is the band's third full-length for Red Scare Industries, one of the best labels around (despite the fact that, for whatever lame reason, the distribution company that Guestroom Records orders from does not carry their releases), but as good as they are, I'm completely shocked that a label like Fat Wreck Chords hasn't signed them. 
If you are a fan of bands like Teenage Bottlerocket, Noise By Numbers, Sinkhole, Banner Pilot, Dead To Me, Dillinger Four, or The Methadones then I HIGHLY suggest checking out North Sentinel Island.  Heck you should check out all of their records because I've yet to hear a bad one. 

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