Sunday, November 13, 2011

Album Review: A New Home in the Old World

Title:  A New Home in the Old World (Last Chance Records, Amazon, iTunes)

Austin Lucas' latest album A New Home in the Old World is another shining example of his tremendous, yet sadly underrated, talent.  Probably best known for the album he released with Chuck Ragan, Bristle Ridge (which is an OUTSTANDING record), Lucas has made a career out of playing earnest alt country/Americana that could as easily fit right next to the likes of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash as it does next to Uncle Tupelo and Drag the River.  

Like most of his albums, A New Home in the Old World is driven by ballads but also includes some faster numbers like “The Grain” and the album's first single, the tremendous “Thunder Rail” (see below).  This record is also driven more by electric instruments than acoustic ones, which works and makes Lucas standout from many of his alt country and folk punk contemporaries. 

If you have yet to hear any of Austin Lucas' work, then I highly suggest checking out A New Home in the Old World and the aforementioned album with Chuck Ragan Bristle Ridge

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