Saturday, November 26, 2011

Album Review: Elsie

Artist:  The Horrible Crowes (OfficialBlogFacebookTwitterLast.fmSideOneDummy RecordsAllMusic, Wikipedia)

The Horrible Crowes will probably always be known as Brian Fallon's (of The Gaslight Anthem) other band.  And while there are similarities between the two bands, there are also distinct differences.  What is similar?  Both The Gaslight Anthem and The Horrible Crowes pull influences from early rock 'n' roll and soul music.  What is different?  The Horrible Crowes is much darker and slower.  Elsie is quite good but it is the kind of record that will take time for me to fully absorb and understand.  Standout moments include "Blood Loss," "Go Tell Everybody," and "Behold the Hurricane." 

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