Thursday, November 10, 2011

Album Review: Alston David

Title:  Alston David (BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes)

Alston David is a songwriter, producer, multi-instrument performer from OKC.  His self-titled debut album is a collection of 13 moody and trippy psychedelic electronic pop numbers.  The music is often driven by keyboards (both piano and otherwise) and a determined drum beat.  Tempo wise, this is a slow record.  The songs are nearly all very deliberate and unwavering but not in a hurry to say what they are trying to say.  Something about this album really reminds me of another OKC artist, Two Suns.  It’s not that they sound all that similar, because they don’t, it’s more the fact that both were put together by essentially one artist in a studio and both produced records with very large sounds.  

Alston David is certainly a talented musician and I’ve very curious to see what he comes up with next.  

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