Thursday, October 06, 2011

Show Review: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

Artist:  Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls (OfficialFacebookTwitter, MySpaceLast.fmAllMusicWikipedia)
Venue:  The Conservatory (OfficialFacebookTwitterMySpace)
Date:  October 5, 2011

Frank Turner made his first ever stop in Oklahoma last night at The Conservatory with his tour companions Andrew Jackson Jihad and Into It Over It.  By the time I got to the show Into It Over It had already played and Andrew Jackson Jihad was into their set so I wasn’t able to really absorb either.  The crowd was definitely into AJJ though. 

When Turner and his band The Sleeping Souls took the stage and dove into “Eulogy,” opening track from his latest record England Keep My Bones the crowd went nuts and sang along at the top of their lungs.  The set included material from all sides of Turner’s catalog, most of which was greeted by enthusiastic and boisterous sing-a-longs.  The entire set was inspiring and brilliant, my only complaint was that I didn’t know more of the material (up until the show the only FT record that I owed was England Keep My Bones, but I picked up copies of Poetry of the Deed and Love Ire & Song from the merch table). 

Turner is the consummate rock ‘n’ roll front man.  His command of the music and his ability to work the crowd were breathtaking.  One of the many fantastic moments in the show came towards the end when he and The Sleeping Souls broke into Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”  Now covering Queen is a risky proposition because they were one of the most talented band ever in the history of rock ‘n’ roll and it is extremely difficult to do their songs justice.  Well Turner and company did just that.  While Frank can’t sing like Freddy Mercury (no offense intended, Turner is a very capable singer but Mercury had one of the greatest voices of all time and is in league with the likes of Aretha Franklin) he pulled off the song brilliantly and had the crowd going crazy the entire time.  After a great encore, the show ended with a huge sing-a-long to “Photosynthesis” from his 2008 record Love Ire & Song. 

After the show, Turner hung out at the merch table to talk with fans and pose for pictures.  He was extremely thankful and gracious to everyone that stood in line to speak with, taking time to chat and promised to return.  When I spoke with Turner I was extremely impressed with how genuine, humble, and thankful he was (it didn’t hurt either that he had kind things to say about the interview questions that I sent him).  So not only was the music amazing, the man was great as well.  Needless to say, Mr. Turner has gained a huge lifelong fan.  Now all I need to do is track down all of his CDs… 

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