Friday, October 21, 2011

I Just Can’t Do It Anymore

For years I have said that The Beatles were an amazingly talented and important band but that I just didn’t like their music.  Heck for a long time I even went so far as to say that I hated The Beatles.  Well I honestly can’t say that anymore.  And it all started with one song. 

The fact that I never liked The Beatles honestly made very little sense considering how many bands that I like that were influenced by the Fab Four (hell at times Guided By Voices sounded exactly like The Beatles).  Not only that but I loved the soundtrack to the movie BackBeat (see my Blast from the Past post about that record) and loved The Heartdrops cover of “Eight Days a Week.” 

So a few months ago when in the car The Beatles “Revolution” came on the radio and I found myself really liking the song.  Since then I’ve actually found myself listening to any Beatles songs that come on the radio and enjoying them.  I’m still a complete novice where it comes to their stuff, but I can no longer say that I hate their music. 

Here are the two songs in question that sent me over the edge.   


Mixtape Jones said...

Congrats on taking this step. You won't regret it. :)

ChoctawBear said...

Now what you should do that nobody does is obtain the albums in order so that you can experience their artistic and cultural evolution.

Dave said...

That's actually an interesting idea. Thanks ChoctawBear!