Thursday, October 27, 2011

EP Review: Dead End Story

Title:  Dead End Story (BandCamp, Spotify)

Dead End Story is a melodic hardcore band from Oulu, Finland.  The band’s self-titled debut EP includes the songs “Workaholic” and “Yesterday’s Burden” and serves as a very strong first release.  Both songs are driven by crunchy, melodic guitar riffs that are reminiscent of Rise Against, and Oklahoma’s own They Stay Dead.  “Workaholic” opens the EP with blasting drums and guitar pushing the anger of the song’s lyrics.  “Yesterday’s Burden” changes things up a bit by throwing some hints of ska into the guitar work.  Both songs are melodic and catchy with a lot of energy behind them.  The production is also quit good, making this an enjoyable EP and definitely leaves me wanting to hear what else this band has to offer. 

Dead End Story is great for fans of Hot Water Music, Dag Nasty, Rise Against, and They Stay Dead.  

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