Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Currently Listening

1. “Come Around” by Chuck Ragan (from Covering Ground)
2. “Undertow” by Dead To Me (from Moscow Penny Ante)
3. “Substitute” by Frank Turner (from Love Ire & Song)
4. “Mile Marker 141” by Hudson Falcons (from Dancing Underneath the Moonlight)
5. “I’ll Buy” by The Replacements (from Tim [Expanded Edition])
6. “This Is Only A Test” by Smoking Popes (from This Is Only A Test)
7. “No News from North” by Tim Barry (from Laurel Street Demo 2005)
8. “Civil Twilight” by Doug McKean (from Esperanto Sessions)
9. “Not Saying Sorry” by Great Cynics (from Don’t Need Much)
10. “Demon” by Samiam (from Trips)

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