Sunday, October 09, 2011

Currently Listening

1. “Latin Knights” by Hudson Falcons (from La Famiglia)
2. “Interstate Bound” by Hudson Falcons (from Dancing Underneath the Moonlight)
3. “Lonely Girl” by Hudson Falcons (from Desire to Burn)
4. “Undertow” by Dead To Me (from Moscow Penny Ante)
5. “Try This at Home” by Frank Turner (from Poetry of the Deed)
6. “Wessex Boy” by Frank Turner (from England Keep My Bones)
7. “Substitute” by Frank Turner (from Love Ire & Song)
8. “Homesick” by Eugenius (from Mary Queen of Scots)
9. “Hollywood” by Austin Lucas (from Putting the Hammer Down)
10. “Last Song for a Sweetheart” by Austin Lucas (from Common Cold)

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