Sunday, October 02, 2011

Album Review: Race Wars

Title:  Race Wars (Official, Wikipedia)

Nerdy rapper MC Chris returns with his latest album Race Wars.  Admittedly this is my first experience with MC Chris but I must say that this mess is hilarious!  MC Chris raps about comic books, video games, movies, girls, food, and pod casts and is obviously someone who knows his subjects inside and out.  The dude can also rap, making Race Wars more than just a novelty record.  One of the funniest things about the record is the ongoing pod cast segments, “may the Force be with you.”  If you are a fan of MC Chris or his Aqua Teen Hunger Force alter-ego MC Pee Pants then you should definitely check out Race Wars. 

Fans of MC Chris in the OKC area can see him perform tonight (Sunday October 2, 2011) at The Conservatory with MC Lars, Mega Ran, and Adam WarRock, doors open at 6:30PM.   

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