Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Album Review: Celabrasion

Title:  Celabrasion (Amazon, iTunes, AllMusic)
Artist:  Sleeper Agent (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Last.fm, AllMusic)

Hailing from Bowling Green, KY, Sleeper Agent is best described as a modern day pop rock band.  Their music mixes elements of indie rock, blues-infused rock, and dance pop into an interesting and energetic blend that is toped off by the dueling male, female lead vocals of Tony Smith and Alex Kandel. 

The band’s debut album Celabrasion opens with the single “Get It Daddy,” a catchy number that blends blues indie rock with pop hooks that reminds me a lot of a poppy version of The White Stripes (but that is probably due to Tony Smith’s very Jack White like vocals).  The rest of the album follows suit with songs that are catchy and slightly off at the same time but then have excellently hooked filled choruses (see “Shuga Cane”).  Other great moments include “Force a Smile,” “Get Burned,” and “Proper Taste” (probably my favorite track on the record).  The record has its slower moments but I also think that those are its weaker moments. 

Sleeper Agent is it their best when belting out catchy pop numbers and luckily that it the majority of Celabrasion.  The band has an obvious southern twinge and coming from KY it’d be surprising if they didn’t, but nailing down this band’s sound isn’t all that simple.  Like I mentioned in my Great Band Alert post, Sleeper Agent’s music is “very quirky, funny, and southern” and I still agree with my previous assessment that they look like Lynyrd Skynyrd’s lost grandchildren. 

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