Friday, September 23, 2011

Too Much Empathy

One problem that I've always had in my "professional" career is that I see things nearly entirely from the customer's point of view and thus have the mindset of putting the customer's needs first. This mindset isn't always in line with "business needs" which has often put me at odds with management. In some cases, the gap between my outlook and that of the company's was bigger than the Grand Canyon and sometimes it's been about the size of a city block. In the first instance (my last employer) that job really took a toll on me morally and ethically. My current job is certainly far more customer centric than any that I've had before but I still seem to find myself at odd with the "business needs." That fact was brought up again last night in my weekly coaching session and it reminded me that I am just no built for corporate America, even a company as good as the one that I'm working for now. My problem is that I'm too empathetic. I have this almost uncanny ability to see things from other people’s points of view and thus can easily sympathize and empathize with them. And it is that empathy that allows me to interact with people the way I do. In turn that connection with people helps me provide an excellent experience for them because I can empathize with them. So once again I'm going to have to pull back those instincts to stay out of trouble. I really do need to find a job with some charity or become a teacher. that's ever going to happen.

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