Wednesday, September 21, 2011

EP Review: The Trip, Side 2: Breaking the Feel

Title:  The Trip, Side 2: Breaking the Feel (BandCamp)

The Trip, Side 2: Breaking the Feel opens with the hilarious and extremely catchy “Calling Chewbacca” perfectly setting the tone for Dr. Pants’ latest EP (which is actually part of a double album along with The Trip, Side 1: Illusion & Truth and two forthcoming EPs, as head Pant David Broyles explained in our interview in May).  The four song release is a mixture of Weezer-meets-They Might Be Giants-esque pop dripping with nerdy references.  “Calling Chewbacca” is an upbeat number while “Magic Airplane” slows things down with its acoustic guitar and leisurely vocals.  “The Live & the Lecherous” is another upbeat and catchy number about social networking.  “The Cassette Song” is a mid-tempo love song about music lovers, cassette tapes, and that yearning for love that all nerds know all too well.  The EP closes out with “This Is What It Looks Like” another slower number about the love a man has for his wife (this one has some very touching lyrics and a great crescendo). 

Dr. Pants is a band with a lot of talent and it will be interesting to hear how the sides three and four of The Trip play out.  The Trip, Side 2: Breaking the Feel is a stronger release than The Trip, Side 1: Illusion & Truth, but my opinion may be based more on personal taste than anything else (I think this is a better group of songs).  Overall I think this is a very ambitious project that Dr. Pants has undertaken and am looking forward to what comes next.    

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