Monday, September 19, 2011

Currently Listening

1. “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash (from The Legend of Johnny Cash)
2. “Seems We’re OK” by Chuck Ragan (from Covering Ground)
3. “Calling Chewbacca” by Dr. Pants (from The Trip, Side 2: Breaking the Feel)
4. “The Gates of Heaven” by Ryan Harvey (from Blowback)
5. “Bottled Wind” by Polar Bear Club (from Clash Battle Guilt Pride)
6. “Never Mind” by The Replacements (from Pleased to Meet Me [Extended Edition])
7. “The White Shore” by Defiance, Ohio (from Midwestern Minutes)
8. “Hi Fi Windows” by Bam!Bam! (from Unicorn)
9. “Getting’ There” by ALL (from Pummel)
10. “Running Wild” by WAGERS (from New Guilt)

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