Sunday, September 11, 2011

CD Review: Nightshades

Title: Nightshades (Amazon, iTunes, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

Cobra Starship is a pop band that plays catchy songs that seem to be perfectly designed to be Top 40 hits. My first impression of the record was that it was fairly vapid but it does show potential. The song "Fool Like Me" is a great little pop number but so much of this album feels over processed and over produced. The band is very capable and the song "Disaster Boy" with its dual male and female lead vocals gives me hope that this band can do better than this record. 

Nightshades is Cobra Starship’s fourth record and includes a slew of collaborators, which may be a contributing factor to the jumbled feel of the album.  Apparently the band’s modus operandi is that of tongue-in-cheek so it is entirely possible that I just don’t get the joke or I need more time to digest Nightshades (especially since I actually like a lot of Top 40 pop music). 

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