Friday, September 30, 2011

Album Review: Join Us

Title:  Join Us (Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  They Might Be Giants (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

They Might Be Giants first non-children’s album opens in classic TMBG fashion with the incredibly catchy “Can’t Keep Johnny Down.”  Sadly though, the rest of the album is pretty hit-or-miss.  In fact I’ve been trying to work on this review for about a week now but am having a real hard time listening to the record from start to finish.  “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” is absolute classic TMBG while “Canajoharie,” “Old Pine Box,” “Celebration,” and “You Probably Get That a Lot” are also really good.  The rest of the album is just meh.

Overall the record is typical TMBG—a mixture of pop, with hints of soul, rock, and funk, that is quirky and off kilter.  If you are a big-time TMBG fan then you’ll probably love Join Us, if not then I suggest getting their two-disc best-of collection Dial-A-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants.


Otter Limits said...

i think Flood was their best album.

Otter Limits said...

you should do a Blast from the Past Review on that album!

Dave said...

You know I’m not really a big fan of that record. TMBG is a band that I have to take in small doses. I’m not enough of a fan to sit down and listen to their records all the way through, but I do love some of their songs (“Don’t Lets Start” for example). Plus I don’t think I ever owned Flood in the ‘90s. I used to own a copy of their self-titled debut (the Pink Album) and have a ripped copy of Dial-A-Song but that’s it (oh I have Join Us but I’m planning on trading that at some point soon).