Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Album Review: Clash Battle Guilt Pride

Title:  Clash Battle Guilt Pride (Official, Bridge Nine Records, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk, Wikipedia)

Polar Bear Club is a post-hardcore band from Rochester, NY that sound a lot like Rise Against.  In fact Polar Bear Club’s vocalist Jimmy Stadt could by Tim McIlrath’s vocal doppelganger, but this is not to say that PBC are a cheap rip off band because they’re not.  What PBC is, is an extremely capable and tight outfit that has put out a very, very good record. 

Now if you like or have heard Rise Against then you have a pretty good idea what Clash Battle Guilt Pride sounds like – melodic post-hardcore with big choruses and lots of hooks.  Stand-out moments include “My Best Days,” Screams in Caves,” “Religion on the Radio,” and “Close Knit.”    

Clash Battle Guilt Pride is a great album for fans of the aforementioned Rise Against, Red City Radio, Against Me!, and Hot Water Music.  

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