Sunday, August 28, 2011

Currently Listening

1.  “Crack Whore” by The Fluffy Whites (from Crack Whore)
2.  “Home Measures” by Great Cynics (from Don’t Need Much)
3.  “Avenue B” by Hudson Falcons (from Dancing Underneath the Moonlight)
4.  “Don’t Touch Me” by Klipspringer (from The Trouble with Sebastian)
5.  “Living and Learning” by Old Man Markley (from Guts n’ Teeth)
6.  “Make It Stop (September’s Children)” by Rise Against (from Endgame)
7.  “New Guilt” by Wagers (from New Guilt)
8.  “Time on My Own” by Swingin’ Utters (from Here, Under Protest)
9.  “Campaign Song ‘93” by Jon Snodgrass and Friends (from Tri-State Record)
10.  “Don’t Come Around” by John Moreland (from Earthbound Blues)

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