Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Currently Listening

1. “Pillows” by Automatic Loveletter (from The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On)
2. “Kingdom Come” by Direct Hit! (from Domesplitter)
3. “All The Every Time” by Great Cynics (from Don’t Need Much)
4. “Alternate 1985” by Junior Battles (from Idle Ages)
5. “You Are Number Six” by Landmines (from Commerce and Marx)
6. “Roll with the Punches” by Lenka (from Two)
7. “Kilroy Was Here” by Reverse the Curse (from Hither & Yon)
8. “Anything But You” by Riverboat Gamblers (from Smash/Grab)
9. “Flood of ‘72” by Title Fight (from Shed)
10. “Wasted Potential” by WAGERS (from Shit Summer EP)

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