Thursday, August 25, 2011

Album Review: The Trouble with Sebastian

Title:  The Trouble with Sebastian (BandCamp)

On their page, Klipspringer is described as “Hardcore Pop and Softcore Punk.”  After listening to The Trouble with Sebastian, the band’s fifth album, I’d have to agree with that tag line.  The band has been making sounds since the mid ‘90s but somehow I’ve completely missed them until now (which has certainly been my loss).  

The Trouble with Sebastian is an excellent mix of pop, new wave, and punk in a The Rentals meets They Might Be Giants meets The Briefs meets The Epoxies kind of way.  The album’s opening track “Same Ol’ Song” is a catchy mid-tempo number that picks up for a crescendo filled chorus.  “Make the Suburbs Glow” starts with a haunting piano and turns into a rockin’ number that is just way too fun.  For the most part the record continues on in the same fashion (“Happy Birthday Baby” and “A-OK Big Funtime Dancing” do break this mold, the latter being an electronic song and the former a ballad). 

After hearing The Trouble with Sebastian I will definitely have to go back and check out Klipspringer’s earlier releases.  And if you have never heard Klipspringer but like infectious pop/punk/new wave then I highly suggest you check out The Trouble with Sebastian.

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