Friday, August 12, 2011

Album Review: The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On

Title:  The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On (Paper & Plastick, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Automatic Loveletter (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, PureVolume,, Wikipedia)

Automatic Loveletter’s follow up last year’s Truth or Dare, and their Paper & Plastick Records debut, is an ambitious step for the band because The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On is primarily acoustic.  Despite the acoustic nature of the record, the band stays very true to their sound and style.  

Stylistically these songs are emo and pop punk influenced pop.  Thematically the record deals with a verity of personal issues ranging from love and relationships to identity.  What makes this record and band work is the desperation behind lead singer’s Juliet Simms raspy vocals.  She sings with a distinctive passion that brings the emotions of the songs to life. 

Like I mentioned in my review of Truth or Dare, I think that Automatic Loveletter has a lot of potential to become an immensely popular band (maybe even the next Paramore).  These songs are accessible without being bland or contrived and could really catch on with kids that are growing out of their Radio Disney phase and looking for something a little more down-to-earth.    

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. They could be a huge band with the earnest song writing and great lyrics!