Saturday, August 13, 2011

Album Review: Domesplitter

Title:  Domesplitter (BandCamp, Kind of Like Records)
Artist:  Direct Hit! (BandCamp, Facebook, MySpace,

Direct Hit! plays anthematic (is that even a word?) pop punk that sounds like a mix between The Riverdales and the Street Dogs.  The songs are catchy, the choruses are huge, and the energy level is nearing 11, which makes Domesplitter a fun listen.  Admittedly this is one of those records that’s a bit hard to review because it is what it is and once stated there’s not much else to say.  What can be said is that this is a very, very good punk rock record that can easily hold its own with the likes of Back to the World, Riverdales, Set Your Goals, and Sex, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

Great for fans of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Riverdales, Ramones, Street Dogs, The Copyrights, The Ducky Boys, CIV, and Social Distortion.

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