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10 Questions with Fos

Fos is an indie rock/pop band that reminds me of a mixture between Lily Allen, OK SWEETHEART, Lenka, She & Him, and Rilo Kiley.  The band recently released their debut EP We Are through BandCamp (see my review here). 

This interview was conducted with lead singer KeriLe Blossom via email August 9-28, 2001. 

For more information on Fos check out their Facebook, BandCamp, and ReverbNation pages. 

Dave:  How did the band get together?

KeriLe Blossom:  We all met through the Academy of Contemporary Music (aka ACM@UCO). We are all proud to be apart of the first graduating class from the ACM@UCO.

We joined our musical talents on Dec 19th 2011. I (Keri) have been pursuing a solo music career for awhile. It was a personal goal of mine by the end of my third semester to play a live set, with my mostly original songs and with a backing band. So when I asked Donald, Chavez and Zach to play in this "backing band" it was for this one show. However, to make a long story short, we all really enjoyed each other. Practices were a blast and we realized we not only worked well together as musicians but we work well together professionally.  We bonded over the month that we had to prepare for the show. We had a good buzz from our peers and we all had so much fun that we decided that we wanted to make this a "real" band! :D And the rest is history...

Dave:  You recently released your debut EP We Are through BandCamp.  What made you decide to release it through BandCamp?  Are there any plans for a physical release?  

KeriLe:  Bandcamp has really made a name for itself as far as being easy for musicians to access and fans to find music. There is plans for a physical release in the future :D ... 

Dave:  What are your thoughts on being a digital only artist versus one that releases music the old fashioned way (i.e. CDs and vinyl records)?  Do you think that the digital age has been good for music and musicians? 

KeriLe:  Turntable.fm was a success for us. At the time of the release we had only been a band for 7 months. Though Fos is creating a nice buzz for ourselves around the metro, we felt that doing a physical release the "old fashion" way would be a bit disappointing. Not that we don't have confidence in our music... however, we are just to young right now to headline a show and to have a very successful turnout. When we came across Turntable.FM this provided opportunity to be unique and for people to make a small commitment to the "show" and we were right! We had about 70 people sign in that night to view our music and about 100 downloads. We have friend from all over the US, so we had people attend our shows from NYC - LA. We thought that was pretty cool! :D

Dave:  Will you be touring in support of We Are?  Is there anywhere that you’d really like to play or bands/artists that you’d like to play with?

KeriLe:  We have a lot of plans for the future, hopefully by the summer of 2012 we can take a small tour. As far as artist we want to play with..... EVERYONE! :D Ha but seriously, there are a handful of local artist we would love to share the stage with ... i.e. Deerpeople, Mayola, Sherree Chamberlain and the list goes on. As far as famous people... um right now it would be pretty cool to open for the Kings of Leon.

Dave:  Have you had any interest from any record labels?  Are there any labels that you’d like to work with? 

KeriLe:  We would love to work with a label. Though it seems to be a big bad word in the music industry, we still think this is a good goal. Do we have to be "signed" to a label to be successful, no. However, the partnership with a large group of people who have connections get our music heard sounds good to us! :D

With that being said, no we have not been approached by a label, nor have we shopped ourselves out to labels. There are still many things that we need to have in order before we throw ourselves to the industry. But we will ...  soon.

Dave:  Do you have any plans for a full length album?

KeriLe:  WE DOOOOO!!!! We are heading back to the studio in Oct. We plan to record 4-5 more songs. As it turns out these songs will be attached to the 4 songs that we released on turntable.fm. We have some cool adjustments to add to the songs that we have already release and we are looking forward to the new songs that we are recording. This album will be packed and sold! :D  

Dave:  What are your thoughts on the music scene in Oklahoma?

KeriLe:  OMG!!! I am so proud of Oklahoma and the musicianship here. So many people are to be admired and respected. We are putting this great state on the maps! :D 

Dave:  This is a High Fidelity inspired question.  What are your top five favorite bands/artists, albums, movies, TV shows, books/authors? 

KeriLe:  Collectively –
Radio Head- Ok Computer
As Tall as Lions- ALL ALBUMS 
Strokes-  Is this it
Kings of Leon - Only by the night 
Kanya West- Late registration 
Vampire Week - contra
Dirty Projectors- Bitte Orca
Arcade Fire- Neon Bible 
Brand New- the devil and god are raging inside me
Explosion in the Sky
Blink 182
KT Tunstall
Dead Sea Choir

Jersey Shore
Criminal Minds

Kurt Vonnegut
Douglas Adams 
The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho   
The Twilight Saga

Dave:  What’s next for Fos? 

KeriLe:  Our first headlining show!!!! This is scheduled for the month on January. We will have been a band for 1 year..so this show is going to be BIG!!!  A ton of work and preparation is going into this so this is a show you do not want to miss! :D 

Dave:  Any final thoughts?

KeriLe:  Thanks Dave for the interest and asking us these questions. Look forward to seeing you at a future show. 

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