Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top 6 of 7

I’m borrowing this idea from Steve at The Otter Limits.  You can see his version here.  And in keeping with his formatting choices, here are my six (or 7 in a few cases) favorites in seven different categories (in no particular order). 

BANDS (w/ links to their official websites)*

MOVIES (w/ Wikipedia article links)

BOOKS (w/ Amazon links) 

ALBUMS (w/ Wikipedia article links, when possible)**
The Only One by Roustabouts (Oklahoma Lefty link)

WRITERS (w/ Wikipedia article links)
Leslie Simon (GoodReads link)

TV SHOWS (w/ Wikipedia article links)


* This is more of a list of my favorite bands/artists of the moment then of all-time.  For an all-time list check out the post My Current Rotating Top 20 (one of these days I will do an updated version of this post).
** This list only includes studio albums.  Also this is more of a list of current than a comprehensive all-time favorite list.   

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