Friday, July 29, 2011

Poem of the Day

The following poem was sent to me by my good friend Jimmie Martin of fame. 

“People of the dirt” by Jimmie Dale Martin
When the Christians came to Oklahoma Jesus was already here
He was with all Adams race everywhere whether far or near
The Amerindians universally called Him the "Great Spirit"
His words of truth are found in all our tribes and very explicit
Love and truth and honor and family are woven thruout the land
faith and hope and charity, respect for the creator's firm hand
Adam means red man and Oklahoma means land of the red man
In Oklahoma we are blessed with direct word links to His plan
We are people of the dirt...tried by storm's wind and dust's sting
We endure the good and the bad and always know who is King
From the Arbuckles hilly ranges to the Panhandles desolation
We are red and white and black patriots...first to defend the nation
The proud Thunderbird our fighting symbol... the red bird, the Phoenix
We rise from our ashes and build anew after bombs blast
When F5 comes our way we dig in and battle it to the last
We are Okies whose grandparents waited out the wrath of dust
and fermented our grapes into fine wine of our common trust
Hospitality is our middle name and love is our girt
We are common folk ...people of the dirt
(Republish rights to People of the Dirt granted with credit to The Oklahoma Centennial Heritage Collection 2007.)

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