Monday, July 04, 2011

Fire Rages in Moore Neighborhood

My folks are in town and we happened to be hanging out at our house for a bit yesterday (Sunday July 3rd) when we heard fire trucks that seemed like they were extremely close.  When we opened the front door we were greeted by flames pouring out of one of our neighbor’s home.  It was a terrifying sight to behold and brought people from out of the woodwork to observe the tragedy.  What we didn’t realize at first was that there were actually four houses affected by the blaze, two of which were probably destroyed. 

According to KOCO, the fire started in the backyard of one house when a shed caught fire and then spread. 

From the story –
Firefighters said the flames spread from the first house to the house next door. Both homes were a total loss, investigators said.

Flames from the second house spread to a third home, which crews said sustained minor damage.

"It stated in the rear or behind the south house, moved to the north house and then it start encroaching on the house behind north house," [Deputy Fire Chief Gary] Bird said.

About 22 firefighters were called to put out the fires.

Bird said the fires did more than $750,000 in damage. No injuries were reported.

One of the homeowners, Deangelo Rhodes, said he ran into his house and got his wife and kids out of the home as soon as he saw the flames.

Rhodes said he was grilling in his backyard when he saw his shed was on fire. He said he immediately removed the propane tank attached to the grill and evacuated his family.

"You don't have time to think about it, you just react and make sure everyone is safe," Rhodes said.

As firefighters doused hot spots, Rhodes said he found himself reflecting on all the good times that he and his family spent inside their home.

While most of their possessions are gone, Rhodes said he is just thankful that everyone is alive.

"We got a place to stay, we got our family, we got our pets, that's all that matters," Rhodes said.
Once the fire department arrived on the scene, they got the fires under control in pretty quick fashion.  According to one of my neighbor’s the fourth house that was affected was saved from much damage thanks to some quick thinking garden hose work by him and some others in the neighborhood. 

In many ways we are extremely lucky that the fire didn’t spread any farther than it did.  My heart goes out to my neighbor’s who lost their homes but I’m also thankful that no one got hurt. 

KOCO has a slideshow of pictures that can be seen here.   

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